some thoughts on creativity

this video was born out of another video idea which i dont know if i ever get around to ever making. i was planning on making a surreal dream video asmr thing for helping people to get to sleep and have interesting dreams. i was collecting these videos, usually by searching a random key word and setting the parameters to "past hour."

as i was putting all these videos in the time line and syncing it up to the music i got inspired by the amanda palmer speach on creativity. not being able to be creative because of no motivation is a very common thing to happen. I also watched some of the francis bacon documentary about his creative process and how he almost encouraged accidents and worked with them rather than against them (not dissimilar to bob ross). i realised the direction the video was taking and rolled with it.

the song is very obsure, by am artist called sean paul lampon who i discoered using the "past hour" youtube search feature.

the other element of the francis bacon documentary was the quote that said, "how does he make something so terrifying from the mundane" (paraphrasing) and looking at the painting it question it seemed obvious to me tha juxtapositoion was the key. the two most notable examples of this within my video was the frog and the children. The antique gold frog was from one of those antique roadshow type sites, not exactly scary, but because of the surroudning clips it seems quite creepy. similarly there is the mundane clip of the classroom next to footage of cows being slaughetred. this was actually accidental, which ties into the theme of accidents making art.

truthfully, my creaive process usually amounts to me trying to make something cool, accidently making something different that is still cool and then trying to recreate the cool mistake. i will proably try and recreate something similar to this video in the future