This is probably my favourite video i've ever made and it came very effortlessly. Normally when making something its a kinda random, slow process where i throw whatever i can at a wall then eventually i find a good idea and run with it, if i dont then i scrap the idea entirely. This video however had such a good inital seed (the 100 gecs song) that I didnt really need to explore. The narrative of me smoking weed came from the song itself, and the pace of the song is perfect for a frag movie. The other element, the early internet gifs came from my love of y2k aesthetics (as you can tell from my website) and the song itself - which seems to be popular with the igirl, kinda trashy/tasteless but in a cool way, charlixcx/pcmusic/hyperpop (alll shit my friend martha loves so this videos kidna dedicated to her). The gifs are sourced from which is ran by the internet archive from old geocities websites. I'd pick a word kinda randomly and search for gifs that were interesting / hype. I found that the two best search terms were "weed" (for obvious reasons) and "gay", which i think yielded such interesting results because of the underground nature of the community, meaning all the gifs were a little weirder than searching thigns like "fire" or "butterfly".

I think i earnestly did a really good job with the editing and momentum, choosing clips that kinda flow naturally into one another. All the clips are from a 24 hours period where i played a lot of fucking cs, but i wasnt playing my best so none of the clips are that good. I sped some up in the edit as well which definietly feels like cheating but i needed to in order to sync with the song. In the future I wanna make more frag movies but using better clips, but I'll need a seed as interesting as playing cs smoking weed and 100 gecs (which will be hard.)