Last Week, 2020/25/05

I hung out with my friends last week, it was the first time I had seen most of them since quarantine started, and the first time I had ever properly met one of them in real life. We went to a little spot we used to go to all the time, and hadn't been in close to 6 months. It was so much fun. There are lots of different catergories of fun. Some things are only fun in retrospect, like excersise; it is not the hard work itself that is fun but the relief and satisfaction that comes along with it. That day at the "doink jungle" (the name of the spot) was just simple easy fun. At no point did I feel insecure or worried, or bored or unhappy. I was wearing clothes I like with people I love in a little spot that had a lot of fun memories attached. It was sweet and innocent in a way that my life in quarantine rarely was, and for that I am so grateful.