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As stated by the impressionist movement, the key to great art is not found in rationalizing the world, instead great art explores its emotion and celebrates spontinatiy. It makes sense then that caricaturization is a great test of one's strength in romantisizing art. Both mediums opting for the representational elements of the world it captures with emphasis on speed, esspecially as caricature art is in large part done by street vendors. The untitled 2019 Johm Dommisse graphite portrait of the artist surrounded by his friends, in Last-Supper-esque formation, precisely demonstrates the speed and precesision Johm uses to capture the beauty in emotion and The eyes of his subjects are part of the key to emotion captured in all of Johm's ouvre. In "takin control" a 2020 self portrait ensuring that the tone of the eye is strongest in the centre of the eyes, allowing for long sunken shadows extending from the eyelid with bright, unshaded regions in the area around. Here - with the emphasis firmly on the eyes - Johm creates a deep, melancholic expression that looks not at the hand, but past the hand. The hand itself is placed centrally which serves to balance the composition and serves to show what Johm is looking at or rather, what he isn't really looking at. If A key tennet to Johm's styling is the genuine emotion captured in each face.

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